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Banana Leaf spirit objects, with string dyed and sawn together

Remains of boot palm that I ripped 

Experience I had with the boot palm. I made over fifty letters with the same text and painted water color under neath. I attached the hairs of the palm at the bottom of the piece with tape. I wanted each person that received one to have a part of the experience that I had.  

Hand made envelopes

When I was going on a walk to find material in Florida at the Atlantic center for the arts I came across a part of a tree that I thought would be perfect for the soul of a shoe. I later found out after my experience that it was called a boot palm. When the palm tree grows the boot palms fall off the trunk. 

I used my feet to hold down the palm while I cut in to it. It took two and a half weeks for the tingling sensation to subsided. 

When making the shoe I did not envision my self wearing the shoe. It represents the spirit of the palm and I see it as a home and relic of what was there be for. 

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