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Rose dye on fabric 

White string soaked in dead flower dye with water 

String soaking in dead flower dye, drying on paper 

I collected dead leaves, plant material from the periphery of my neighborhood SoHo in New York. The shape of the piece is the soho map and I am represented in the middle coming out of it. 

Hand stitched dead flower dye, floating on a wooden platform 

Dead flower string aging over time 

Workers Outfit stitched in the middle to not be able to wear 

I made a outfit that I could wear while making my dead flower dye. I wanted the flowers to seep on to it to become closer to them. I made a belt that I wore around my waist that held my water, brush and pencil. The dress is  modeled on my mothers old dress.

Dead Plants representing the process of making dye and the studio in my graduate show in Glasgow  

Seed pod found in the compost at the botanical gardens in Glasgow 

Flower dye in Jars representing the process and studio in at my graduate show in Glasgow 

Wooden vitrine representing the desk in my studio. To the left is a drawing of my hands. In the middle is the morter and passel that I use to make my dead flower dye. Under neath is a seed pod  and to the right is two drawings made with flower dye.

Description of my process 

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