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Flint under observational drawing 

Pariscope, detail of flint through mirror

Made with paper and glue

I photographed a piece of flint and printed it on to rice paper, then I placed the flint underneath and above the paper to indent it. The flint made its mark with in the paper to look as if it was still there. 

Rocks found on Islay in Scotland, taken back to Glasgow.

I was in a group show and I asked the visitors to write down there address and three descriptions of themself. I paired there description with the rock that I thought represented them. I packaged them up and hand delivered each one that was in the Glasgow aria. I did not want the receiver to know I was coming. I would find ways to get in to each  building and place them on their door step. 

The rest of the rocks I took to the post office and sent around the world. 

I walked from the bottom of broadway all the way to the top and crossed over to the bronx. I wanted to walk the first road on the Island. On each block I collected parts of the pavement.  

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