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Paper body and sawn shadow 

Dress made on Calico paper with painted on hydrangea dye

I placed dress under light box, taken in lighting studio

Second dress under light box, with transparent photograph of my family in my grandmothers home.  

Holly Berry Dye on third dress with holly berry plant projected on to dress 

Carnation flower dye on paper, placed on to a lamp

Hydrangea dye on paper placed on to a lamp 

Carnation dye painted on to fourth dress. 

I placed the dress on to the light box and photographed it from different angles to represent it coming alive.

I wanted to build up a pattern that represented the life of a daffodil. Each piece of paper is layered with another until there is no more room on the dress. The process of making has been as important as the end object. I made ten dresses and by the tenth one the pulp of the dye is much stronger than the first. Each piece is temporal and will eventually fade.

I see them as bodies.

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